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API Design for C++ book download

API Design for C++. Martin Ry

API Design for C++

ISBN: 0123850037,9780123850034 | 446 pages | 12 Mb

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API Design for C++ Martin Ry
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

Since C++ is extensible, one could actually create their own std::basic_streambuf derived class which works with file descriptors, and attach it to an std::ostream, which can then be used with anything that works with a stream for output. Subject: API Design for C++ (Repost) Martin Reddy, "API Design for C++" English | 2011-02-18 | ISBN: 0123850037 | 472 pages | FW: Score Magazine - 2011 11. FW: API Design for C++ (Repost). I thought I might mention the book: API Design for C++ (Morgan Kaufmann, 2011) by Martin Reddy and the accompanying website [1] and blog [2], in particular the articles on API design [3]. (1) Patch-based pipeline design (C++-API or easy-to-use XML editor) and plug-in system to extend available tools with new function (2) Parallel and synchronized processing from multiple sensor devices, e.g. I stumbled on When I first started learning C++ (back in the bad old days) I was convinced that any 1st year student could design a better programming language. Our eventual goal is to get to a point where the API is ready for proposal to the C++ committee as a reference implementation. The number of Web APIs is growing rapidly (there are over 2,000 APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory), especially with the popularity of Software as a Service. There are two possible ways of releasing .. We are proposing to design a new API that makes no attempt at compatibility, but will hopefully be extensible enough to last for a long time, and at the same time tidy up rough edges in the code. The strictly virtuous thing to do would be to take the time to have a lot of discussions and design a brand new C++ API that would remain stable for the future. For several years Gecko used a C++ wrapper around cairo as its cross-platform rendering API. I've been thinking a lot about APIs and their design recently. In this post we look at the details of the design document which outlines this new API. The design of application programming interfaces can affect the behavior, capabilities, stability, and ease of use of end-user applications.

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